Conflict Resolutions

Conflict Resolutions

The Conflict Resolution Project proved to be an overwhelming success. Demand for this project exceeded all levels of expectation.

Conflicts in society is at unprecedented high, especially amongst young people.

The project helped and supported young people in a number of ways, these area’s included how to resolve conflicts, how to avoid conflicts, how to avoid Gangs with a strong anti-gang message, social media awareness, cyber bullying, social skills, people skills, cultural diversity awareness, respect issues, attitude issues, education and community cohesion.


We took the project into various Centre’s throughout Huddersfield and went into various Junior and High Schools in Huddersfield and Bradford.

The response was phenomenal in every school we visited and as well as the pupils learning from the project all the teachers said they learned something also and want us to come back into all the schools in the new term in September 2019.


The list of Community Centres, Youth Clubs and Schools we visited is listed below. –

Pivot Pupil Referral Unit (Cleckheaton)

Our Lady Of Lourdes School

Rastrick Sixth Form College

Northfield Hall Community Centre – Huddersfield

Chestnut Centre  - Huddersfield

Deighton Youth Club, Deighton Areana – Huddersfield

Hudawi Centre – Huddersfield

Birkby/Fartown Community Centre – Huddersfield

North Huddersfield Trust School – Huddersfield

Fixby Junior/Infants School – Huddersfield

Birkby Junior School – Huddersfield

Birkby Infants School – Hudderfield

Joseph Norton pupil referral unit school – Huddersfield

One In A Million School – Bradford

Mannigham Youth Club – Bradford

Chapletown Youth Forum – Leeds



We aim to extend the project into the Criminal Justice programme.


The demand for this project is at an all-time high.                       

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